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Single variety extra virgin olive oil
Conquer the Taste and Thrive “Evèlaios” was one of Cyprus’s names during antiquity, “rich in olive trees and oil”. Fabled for its olive trees, the island has always been coveted for its light and easily digestible olive oil. Once belonging to the ancient kingdom of Ledra, the finest olive groves have since ancient times been located at the  foothills of Mount Machairàs, right at the centre of the island. For four thousand years, olive trees have been cultivated in this verdant valley and superb olive oil is produced. As centuries passed, more and more people came to this blessed land to settle and work in the fields. By Byzantine times, a whole village had sprung up. The so called “Ledra’s elaiontas”, the olive grove of Ledra, was now officially called “Lithrodòntas”. Lithrodòntas’s extra virgin olive oil was desired by ancient noblemen, Byzantine dukes, Franc feudal lords and Venetian knights. The latter recorded this paradise of Cypriot land on their maps as its name echoed in their ears: Litrondi.

Available in 500 ml glass bottle 

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